Cesenatico sunny and welcoming

Characteristic and charming seaside resort with a very interesting history, the traces of which are to be seen in the local Museum inside the Town Library, our famous canal harbour was designed by Leonardo da Vinci and is one of the most attractive and photographed marine scene of the whole Adriatic Coast.


The Canal Port designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
The Canal Port was designed by Leonardo da Vinci in 1502 by order of Cesare Borgia (the original drawings are kept in the National Library in Paris) to solve the problems caused by sea storms and sand banks. Here, the incoming sea gently flows around houses and fishing boats.
The birth house of Marino Moretti.
"The house knows I'm a writer/it knows how I write, it knows my style:/as a reader the house is far too kind,/ I would almost say tender-hearted" wrote Marino Moretti, writer and poet (1885-1979) who lived in this house on the left bank of the canal port. The house has been transformed into a permanent museum and is the home of the Centre for the study of twentieth century literature. The Centre promotes important cultural activities.
The Floating Maritime Museum.
This museum is unique in its type and is housed in the oldest and most internal part of the canal port. Typical examples of boats used for fishing and maritime trade in the upper Adriatic can be found here.
Coloured sails and maritime symbols take the visitor on a journey through maritime history. The museum is free of charge and is open during the day and at night. The Antiquarium comunale (archaeological museum) is also located here.

Maritime Museum


Piazzetta delle conserve

Pantani Museum

Culture and events

This town is full of traditions linked to the hinterland and to the history of Romagna and Italy: on 2 August 1849 Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita, Ugo Bassi and other patriots fleeing from Rome towards Venice were hunted down in this town by their pursuers. One of the first statues in Italy dedicated to the patriot was erected in Piazza Pisacane to commemorate this episode. The statue represents one of the many stories that Cesenatico has in store for land and sea travellers. 
Easter sails
This spring event opens the tourist season. Two regatta courses, one to the West and one to the East, where hundreds of catamarans race, gliding next to each other in an unforgettable display of coloured sails filled by the wind.

'Nove Colli' cycle race
May is the month dedicated to cycling in a land which has obtained great successes in this sport. May is the right month to tackle this itinerary which goes from the sea to the hills. Every year thousands of keen cyclists challenge each other in this race with renewed competitive spirit.

Traditional celebration of Garibaldi
Every August the town celebrates the departure of the great patriot from the port of Cesenatico. A laurel wreath is laid at the commemorative stone and all the boats sail out to commemorate those lost at sea. The Palio della Cuccagna is a spectacular game that takes place between the eight town districts. The objective is to climb a pole covered in grease which is erected at an angle at the canal port.

Marino Moretti

Nove Colli

food festivals

'notte rosa'