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The ancient land of fishermen, today a lively and quiet seaside resort that is ideal for the family holiday, full of services and proposals for adults and children.

The ancient and fascinating traditions

A beautiful harbour that smells of history and tradition

Places of interest

Cesenatico boasts a fine harbour, canal, designed in 1500 by an original project of Leonardo da Vinci. According to the intentions of Da Vinci and of the city administration of the time, this channel would have had to reach the city of Cesena, located inland and about 15 km from Cesenatico. The new part of the city, which spread around the Viale Carducci, the axis parallel to the seafront, has been dedicated to shops, restaurants, arcades, bars and pubs. On the seafront you can still see some of the cottages the historic, built in the early 1900's (the first of these Villa Beatrice is located to the east of the harbour) and the former colony of Verona.

Culture and events

Cesenatico is the birthplace of the famous poet Marino Moretti, which you can visit the house, situated on the port canal, in the street dedicated to him. In his honor was established the Biennial Prize Marino Moretti for philology, history and criticism in the context of the Italian literature of the nineteenth and Twentieth centuries. In Cesenatico are held annually: - since 1971, the Nove Colli, one of the most well-known cycling granfondo, that in the last edition has counted about 12,000 members. The event takes place in the month of may; - since 1989, the national phase of the Olympics of mathematics. The event takes place in the course of the first or second weekend of the month of may; - from 1986 on the boats of the Maritime Museum is served at christmas time the Nativity of the Navy . During the summer, The Pink Night, also known as the summer new year's Eve of the Riviera romagnola, has over the years become the most awaited event and party of the whole summer season, with free concerts in the squares and the many manifestaizoni for the whole family, for a night, and much more!

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