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Where we are

The Hotels Croce di Malta and Mexico are in an excellent position, only a few steps from the sea, on the seaside boulevard Lungomare Carducci, the main street of Villamarina di Cesenatico. You can easily reach the most important attractions of the region, such as famous amusement and theme parks and the most interesting places to visit.

How to get there by train

If you come from the south, the nearest major train station is Rimini. Once you arrive there, take a train heading for Ravenna and get off at the station of Gatteo Mare, after about 20 minutes.

If you arrive from the north, at the station of Bologna take a train for Ravenna – Rimini, after about 1 hour and a half you arrive at the station of Gatteo Mare, where to get off.

How to get there by car

From northern or southern Italy alike, take the motorway A14 (Bologna – Ancona) and leave it at the exit “Valle del Rubicone”, then follow the signs “Cesenatico” and “Gatteo a Mare” (about 9 km). Other options: from the south, motorway exit Rimini Nord, follow the indications to the road “S.S. 16 Adriatica” and take it in the direction of Ravenna, after 8 km leave it at the exit “Cesenatico” - from the north, motorway exit “Cesenatico” (the second exit, not “Cesenatico Nord”), turn right in the direction of the sea (“Mare”), at the traffic light turn right onto the road “S.S. 16 Adriatica”, in the direction of Rimini, after 6 km leave it at the exit “Cesenatico”.

How to get there by airplane

The nearest airports are in Rimini (Federico Fellini Airport), about 30 km from Cesenatico, and in Bologna (Giuglielmo Marconi Airport), about 110 km away.

From Rimini or Bologna you can get to Cesenatico by car rental, by bus , by train from the railway stations of Rimini or Bologna, or by taxi.

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