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An attentive cuisine, with fresh ingredients and a wide choice of dishes for all needs. Special attention and personalized menus for children.

The importance of breakfast

Every morning a rich and delicious buffet of sweet and savory delights, for all tastes!

Breakfast Buffet

To start your vacation days in the best way, a rich buffet is waiting for you every morning! Not only sweet things like croissants, yoghurt, cereals, juices and jams, but also a savoury breakfast, for those who love to pamper themselves from the morning: cold meats, eggs, cheeses, bread and much more. Of course, hot drinks and fresh fruit juices are always available. All served in our modern and bright dining room.

3 Menus to choose from every day

Every day at lunch and dinner are available for guests three different menus, three first and three second courses to choose from. One of the proposals is always based on fish. Steamed or grilled, in the sauces of the first courses or as a single dish in the second courses, fish is a food that is never lacking in Romagna and never lacking in our recipes either

The main courses are accompanied every day by a rich buffet of cooked and raw vegetables and delicious appetizers, where you can serve yourself and enrich with your own tastes the menu of the day, a convenience to meet the needs of all!

Children always come first

One of the many services dedicated to families is theearly opening of the restaurant. Young children and babies eat at different times from adults, and the hotel is committed to satisfying the needs of all parents.

The early opening to families is 30 minutes, so that children can concentrate on their meals or enjoy lunch and dinner together with their parents in the most serene way possible, without distractions of any kind. High chairs are also available, as well as the possibility to have personalized menus with simple and tasty recipes even for the youngest children.

Safety also at the table

We care a lot about the safety of all our guests, we love transparency and doing things the best we can. We do not offer menus for celiacs because in order to ensure quality and safety in the treatment of gluten-free foods, it is necessary to have adequate space and reserved for the preparation of these foods. Our rooms are large, but not enough to use a space for cooking for celiacs and above all it is necessary to be in possession of a specific authorization of the Asl, which we do not have. Our menus offer a wide choice of different foods and ingredients, and even those who prefer vegetarian and vegan diets will find solutions suited to their needs, but we do NOT offer specific menus for any type of food allergy or intolerance.

Romagna-style cuisine for tasty vacations

The simple fish of the Adriatic Sea and many recipes to enhance tradition

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